Trinity Lutheran CC | Youth
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Trinity Youth…Growing and Sharing Our Faith

One of the most challenging times we will ever face in our lives is the challenge of growing up. It is during this time of growing up that we try to discover who we really are while everything around us seems to change. Our friends change, our schools change, our interests change, trends change, even we start to change and it can be hard to find anything stable.

The youth at Trinity have found stability in our faith and love of God and His promise to never stop loving us. Our youth meet frequently to share their experiences, grow in their faith and love of God, and build life lasting friendships with each other, all while having fun. We enjoy weekly Bible studies, frequent youth activities, and service projects to help the community of Trinity and our neighbors in Corpus Christi.

We would like to invite you to take a second and check out our page and see what all Trinity has to offer the youth of Corpus Christi; and if you like what you see then we would also like to invite you to come out to any one of our upcoming classes/events. Visitors and friends are always welcome!